To provide the people of Tanzania, Africa a cardiac & general hospital to assist with their dire medical needs and the future support necessary to manage & maintain the hospital.



The physical structure of the hospital requires 1.1 million US dollars. This encompasses the operating theaters, scrub rooms, ICU, recovery rooms, and wards for about 300 patients. An average ward will accommodate twenty patients and nurse stations will be centrally located within the hospital complex. Provisions for contagious diseases and/or isolation wards are being made.


You may wonder how 1.1 million US dollars could suffice to construct such a facility. The answer is that first, twenty six acres of suitable land is being secured by the ALCP, a order of catholic missionary priests who will run the hospital once it is built. This site all ready provides good tarmac road, electric power, and a water system. This land is enough for the cardiac unit and the general hospital as well as for a future medical school. Since most of Tanzania’s poor are not automotive mobile, large parking lots are not required. Secondly, all members of our organization are volunteers. Thirdly, being constructed in Tanzania, construction costs will be significantly lower allowing more of the donations received to be directed to the project itself. The project manager will not collect a salary as he is a priest from the ALCP order.

The future operation of the hospital will be administered by the Apostolic Life Community of Priests (The Holy Spirit Fathers). They are an order of missionaries whose home is in Moshi. They already provide 21 priests to help minister to the Catholics in the United States. The hospital personnel of this order will not receive salaries, but only allowances. Donations will be used to help poor patients of all religious creeds to promote the harmony and peace already existent among the religious people of Tanzania. Doctors from the US and Europe will come on voluntary basis and pay their own way to perform many medical specialized services for free, while training local doctors in new procedures.


Phase two of our project is to obtain donated medical equipment from various hospitals in the US and Canada that may be judged excess due to upgrades, but are still useful and essential equipment in Tanzania.