We would like you to join us, as we work to provide a Cardiac and General Hospital Facility to the people of Tanzania Africa. Through teamwork we can touch the lives of the more than 39 million parents and children who desperately need our help.


Chronic disease accounts for 20% of all death in Tanzania. Malaria, the single greatest cause of death, claims 835 lives a day and accounts for over 30% of the national disease burden.

Monetary Donations


Fill Out and print our Donation Form


Mail it to:

Tanzania Cardiac Hospital Foundation, Inc.

3366 SE East Snow Rd.

Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


Checks and Money Orders Only!

All donors will be mailed a donation receipt, for tax purposes, once the funds have cleared.

Volunteer Support


We are in need of people who wish to help us inform people about our project and foundation.  If you are interested in finding out how you can help e-mail Carol at


We are currently asking for support with the distribution of our brochure.


1) E-Mail to friends and family

2) Print and distribute


Equipment Donations


We are not currently collecting equipment donations due to the high costs to ship things over. We are starting to focus on specific items and will be collecting donations in the meantime.


Stay Tuned for Updates!

Service Donations


Once the Hospital is built, we will be seeking medical volunteers who would be willing to, at their own expense, travel to Tanzania to assist in setting up the medical facilities. Their duties would include training local doctors and nurses in performing specialized medical procedures and using the donated medical equipment.